Changelog for all tweaks I made on my Ubuntu Debian-derived Linuxes machine machines:

    I have used Ubuntu since 4.10, after a brief -and unsuccessful- hint at Debian. I came -like most of us- from Windows, but decided to opt for a FLOSS OS after discovering a FLOSS alternative to IE browser (succesively an unknown pre-Phoenix, followed by the whole length of Phoenix/Firebird/Firefox):

  1. 2x Main Boxes running (successively)
  2. A now defunct (& replaced by one of the 2x abovementioned boxes) Internet kiosk running (successively) under:
  3. A very old Sony VAIO Pentium II wich came with Win 98 (stupidly) upgraded to Win 2K by the previous owner and revived through injection of PuppyLinux (EcoPup flavor)which allows it to:
    • browse the web, = OK
    • send & receive e-mail, = OK
    • write and print, = OK for write, need to configure a network printer
    • listen to CDs = not so good (memory?)
    • watch DVDs? = well, if audio is’nt working…

    I believe I should now give it a try of Lubuntu…

  4. A HP miniPC initially running Windows XP & now happy with Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition Ubuntu 13.04
  5. An Asus eee PC 701 (non-surf 4G) who succesively ran:
    • Ubuntu eee 8.04.1
    • some flavor of 8.10 with a tweaked kernel
    • Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition
    • Lubuntu 12.04
    • Lubuntu 13.04 – current, rocks!