6.10 Edgy Eft

    Changelog for « Z » Ubuntu:

  1. install modem access (see ubuntu 101) [update : I have since move to DSL country so, no more dialup for me. See Internet access problems solved – IPv6-related somehow for an interesting hack I found necessary for the French provider free.fr]
  2. edit sources.list (using Sources.list generator)
  3. upgrade to firefox 1.5
  4. enable « close tab with middle button » fonction (as explained here [fr], or on kb [en])
  5. install official (but unbundable) firefox buttons edit: frankandjack is gone, use this thread
  6. installed pdf avec cups
  7. installed the « numeric pad on at startup » patch
  8. installed printers
    • Update = Install a Canon LBP-1120 printer on Ubuntu 6.06
    • Canon i850 using the generic i7000 driver shipped with Ubuntu (tried also the Canon drivers as described here, but does’nt works. i7000 is fine) [better way,see above post]
    • Canon LBP1120 (with Nicolas Boichat’s CAPTS driver). One problem not solved: I have to clear the printer queue by hand otherwise it is stuck (and keeps printing the first document in the queue everytime I start the session!). Another problem not yet identified seems to be pdf-printing related…
  9. installed scanner = see Wrestling a Canoscan N670U / N676U / LiDE20 scanner in Edgy
  10. installed thunderbird (see here how-to)
  11. installed dual screen
    To do:

  1. Follow the Après l’installation… thread regarding CD & MP3 playing
  2. install scanner done, see above
  3. switch to Dapper Drake 6.04 Feisty Fawn 7.04 (I switched to 6.04 months ago !)
  4. Improve Firefox (using Howto: Tweaking Firefox! – Ubuntu Forums as a base)