13.04 Raring Ringtail

  • ships with Firefox 26.0 which needs some tweaking to be fingerperfect. Had to do the following:
    • Disable Unity desktop integration (2.4.6 in my case) to get rid of the annoying « Your browser does not support OpenSearch search plugins. » on mycroftproject.com
    • After cleaning the profile, (re)installed the following extensions: CoLT 2.6.1 (replacing Make Link 11.03), Tab Focus 1.0.8 (to focus on tab when hovering) & InstaClick 2.1 (to have right button behave as middle button on laptop) and Media Hint (to access Pandora while travelling)
    • Set browser.backspace_action to 3, because that’s the way I like it
    • Updated manually Adobe Flash player (up to latest Linux-compatible version which is currently: to stop the annoying popup « this plugin is vulnerable and should be updated ».
      1. go to Adobe – Install Adobe Flash Player
      2. chose « .tar.gz for other Linux » from the drop down list and click « Download now« 
      3. open the downloaded file (should be install_flash_player_11_linux.i386.tar.gz) with archive manager and extract the file libflashplayer.so to: ~/.mozilla/plugins/ (/home/your_username/.mozilla/plugins/). If file already exists, overwrite.
      4. Voila
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