Private Bn’B can be dangerous

SF area blogger/traveller « EJ » had a very bad adventure when he rented his apartment while away through Airbnb. Private Bn’B may be a good concept, but lacks the reciprocation of flat-swapping, or (as EJ pointed out) the sheer « no-security-whatsoever » of Craiglist, lulling you to a false sense of security (and in that case a 24/7 hotline). But the story is also about bad could-be-better PR. As noted by USAToday: « …travel technology consultant Robert Cole, « the challenge is the structural model » as a reservation service in a fragmented market. And, Cole added, « the hotel industry isn’t disappointed to see these kinds of concerns raised about a business that is potentially disruptive to their own. As painful as it is to this sector of the lodging industry, it’s positive that these issues are being raised early. » [via]