QuickBlog 06.IV

  • La Constitution Apostolique: … »je déclare une fois encore que le Collège des électeurs du Souverain Pontife est constitué uniquement des Pères Cardinaux de la Sainte Église Romaine »… (via)
  • YaGoohoo!gle (via)
  • « It’s possible that the CIA is sending encryption keys to its spies this way, but it seems unlikely » [x]
  • « Decisions like this — which hold First Amendment values as superior to commercial claims that the law should shield them from effective critique — differ from the law that applies in the UK and on most of the European Continent (especially Germany and Belgium). But they’re our rules, and we have a right to them until our legislature changes them. » [« Sucks » Sites Don’t Violate US Trademark Law] (via)
  • « Boing Boing is profitable. Probably very profitable. It’s not many sites written “for my friends and my familyâ€? that need bookkeepers and reader surveys. [x] (via)