T-Bird extensions

List computed after browsing SBoulema’s « extension mirror »:http://www.extensionsmirror.nl/index.php?showforum=3:

  • Timestamp 0.13

    « inserts the current date/time into a message with just one keypress »

  • Title Bar Fixer 0.4.3

    « You can: change the order of name, folder, subject; whether to include any of those; whether to include a ‘new messages’ indicator (and how many new messages you have) & whether to include the account you are presently on (or email address currently active) »

  • Purge 1.0.3

    « [You] get a purge button on your toolbar [wich] acts the same as the « Compact This Folder » folder context menu option; it removes messages marked as deleted from the « current » folder. »

  • Buttons! 0.4.9

    « Adds buttons to the Mozilla Thunderbird windows »

  • Get All Messages 0.0.1

    Returns the drop down on Get Msg button

    – Check also Get All Mail Button 0.0.4 [Update 15 OCT 04: not needed anymore with TB 0.8]

  • ConfigDate 0.2.0

    [Allows you to change the d]isplay[ of] the date in ‘Date’ column in the threadpane [and] display the original date string instead of the formated date in message headers

  • Magicslr 0.8.0

    Adds a button « Send later » to the compose window

  • Delete Junk Context Menu 0.3.2

    Adds a menu item to delete mail marked as junk from the folder that you right click on

  • Easy Get Mail 0.2.1

    [A]dds [‘]get all messages[‘] capability to Thunderbird’s « Get new messages » button by making it context-sensitive

  • Quote Colors 0.2

    [A]dds an user interface for configuring text and background colors for different quote levels when displaying messages

  • View Headers Toggle Button 1.2

    Adds a toolbar button that allows the easy toggling of vewing all headers

  • QuickReply 0.5.5

    {A]dds a small edit box and a button below the email extended header on the main mail screen. If you type some text and then click the button, a reply is sent to the writer of the currently selected email with the typed text in the body

  • Attachment Tools 0.4.8

    Delete attachment contents, (…) Zap attachments, leaving NO TRACE of the attachment, (…) Import an eml attachment into the current folder, (…) Import saved eml files off your hard drive

  • ForumZilla 0.5.2

    for reading RSS feeds

  • Open Long URLs 0.1.1