Treehugger: Hybrids: More Mechanical Trouble? Really?

It might even be a good idea for you to bookmark Treehugger: this post for the next time someone tells you that your hybrid will be « very costly » to maintain:
…Yes, hybrids are complex. But lets not forget that gasoline-only cars are extremely complex too – we just take them for granted. You might end up paying more for some things (initial cost), less for others (small repairs, fuel), but whatever you do, keep in mind that nobody buys a car to save money (otherwise small cars would be really popular in the US) and that the current over-rationalization of every last dollar spent on a hybrid starts to look downright silly when you ask someone how they monetarily justify their engine upgrade, moonroof, subwoofer or mag wheels. We’d rather people paid more for a car that is cleaner than for a car with lots of chrome and a big wasteful engine. But that’s not even true; sports cars and huge SUVs usually cost more than a Prius, yet nobody asks people if they makes financial sense the way people will ask you if your hybrid makes business sense