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Mr WordPress, I have a question…

Q: When viewing the entries through either of these links, all linked words in the blog become inactive. However, when you use the « previous / next entries » buttons, the links are intact. Help me – please! Thanks!
A: Your archives and categories are showing the posts as excerpts which is sort of a « stripped down » version of your post (no tags, no links). You can see the posts ending « too early » with […] which means the viewer should continue reading on the post’s individual page.
If you want the posts to show normally, replace the_excerpt() with the_content() in your Archive template (notice that the template is quite complex, so there are several the_excerpt‘s in there, for different versions of archives (yearly, monthly, author-ly….))

Search time 3″. Courtsy WP Codex

Done, tested, checked, works !