Simon Willison (whose Blog is frequently read here) looks inside « easy ways of hooking markup conversion in to existing applications » « here »:
We looked into « an extensive list of MT-Plugins related to markup »:, and « some »: « others »: pointed to us by Simon (Disclaimer: we use MT-Textile, derived from « Dean Allen »:’s « Textile »:, also cited by SW).
We are tempted to say: none has yet proved to be a real catcher.
Look at it: we all want to write fast, as fast we think, adding just the minimum markup, to obtain a well-marked text, with lovely nested and validating XHTML output… As « one »: puts it: « I find authoring blog entries in XHTML adds to much friction to the process. Instead of typing what I’m thinking, I end up thinking about what I’m typing. » [« here »:, scroll to datestamp *13th April 2004 15:41*]
Who will build the ultimate text-formatting tool? The one wich I could use without refering to a (small, I concede) list of markup tips, and who will understand all my markup, allowing me to underline an hyphenated wording without using plain vanilla «HTML»?