While installing « Aida32 »:, found « Home computer security »:
My BIOS update lies « here »: Check this « good FAQ »:

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* « v 2.4 »:
* « v 2.5 »:
* « v 2.6 »:
* « v 2.7 »:
* « v3.1 »:

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I am now moving to WP. You know « why »:

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« Ryan, or rboren, is probably the most elusive of the [WordPress] devs. His blog is a simple grey and brown affair with none of the bells and whistles that a wordpress blog can have. That it has comments disabled shows a little of how reserved he is. You will not find a link to his blog in a default WordPress blog’s index.php page, and it is quite possible that a lot of the users do not realize how prolific he is as a WordPress developer. [« x »:]
Just right! Check « here »: :  » [9/11] wasn’t the first strike by racist, chauvinist, intolerant fascists intent on destroying liberal society. Nor was it the last. They will keep trying, and we must stop them.
This is a war.« 


« Ben Hammersley »: is the only geek I know who ran the « marathon des sables »:

Firefox 1.0

« Spread Firefox ! »: !!:

Here’s what’s new in this release of Firefox [text lifted from « here »:]:

* Live Bookmarks
You can now subscribe to and read RSS feeds in your Bookmarks. When you visit a page that advertises a RSS feed by using a !rss.png! tag, a icon will appear in the status bar. Click it to view a list of feeds the page is offering. Click one to subscribe – this adds a Bookmark Folder that contains all the recent posts from the feed.

* Improved Find
Find is easier and more powerful now with our new Find toolbar. The Find toolbar (which shows at the bottom of the browser window) automatically highlights text in the page as you type and has a useful highlight feature.

* Managing Annoyances and Protecting Security
You can now open blocked popups, and the Extension install system now blocks all attempts to install software from sites other than Users can add other sites to a list that allows them to offer software, but software is never automatically installed. In addition to these steps, several other measures have been taken to prevent phishing attacks and to highlight when a page is being viewed over a secure connection.

* Better Bookmarks
Numerous improvements to bookmarks including more reliable presentation of Site icons, and a split pane view in the Bookmarks window.

* Strong Encryption For Passwords Available
Passwords saved with the Password Manager can now be more easily encrypted with strong encryption by creating a « Master Password ». If you create a Master Password, you are prompted once per session to enter the Master Password so that Password Manager can automatically fill in site logins. A useful feature for people who share computers with others and want improved security.

* Improved Compatibility for IE users
Undetectable document.all support for site compatibility and improved compatibility for keyboard accelerators further smooth the transition for IE users

* Better System Integration for GNOME users
You can now configure Firefox as your Default Browser on GNOME, and Firefox will adhere to your GNOME settings for edit field key bindings, etc.

* And a horde of other bug fixes…
See « The Burning Edge’s Bigger Picture »: for more details.



A Humane Web Text Generator

Fead up with always having to refer to an old cheatcard, I post the cheatcodes !

What Textile Does:

  • Replace single and double primes (' and ") used as quotation marks with HTML entities for opening and closing quotation marks ( » and «  ») in readable text, while leaving untouched the primes required within HTML tags.
  • Replace double hyphens (–) with an em-dash (-) entity.
  • Replace single hyphens surrounded by spaces with an en-dash (-) entity.
  • Replace triplets of periods (…) with an ellipsis (…) entity.
  • Convert many nonstandard characters (ŸúߊπŒ) to browser-safe entities corresponding to keyboard input.
  • Apply block- and phrase-level structural tags automatically and at the discretion of the writer via quick tags.

    Quick block modifiers:

    Header: hn.
    Blockquote: bq.
    Footnote: fnn.
    Numeric list: #
    Bulleted list: *

    Quick phrase modifiers:

    -deleted text-
    +inserted text+

    To align blocks:

    < right > left
    = center
    <> justify

    To reference a footnote:

  • Allow the quick creation of simple and complex tables

    To insert a table:

  • Allow the simple application of style, class, id, language and alignment attributes to elements


  • Create hyperlinks and insert images via quick tags

    To insert a link:
    « linktext »:url

    To insert an image:

  • Define acronyms via quick tags

    ABC(Always Be Closing)

  • Wrap an tag around runs of three or more capital letters automatically.
  • Convert (TM), (R), and (C) to ™, (r), and (c).
  • Convert the letter x to a dimension sign: 2×4 to 2×4 and 8 x 10 to 8×10.


SquirrelMail comes already installed on « Dixies »: ensim servers. But it is a 1.2.5 version, and in order to use « SpamAssasin », you « need to install your own version »: Directions are « here »:
« In ensim, would take me to squirrelmail » [« x »:]
« IMAP mail transfer, moving email between IMAP servers »:
« The webmail module for php-nuke is not allowed to be run on our servers, this module is creating a huge problem with SPAM and will no longer be allowed. If we find it we WILL delete it without ANY warning, if we find it a SECOND time, we will suspend your site until you acknowledge that you WILL NOT run this module. Additionally, formmail.php and formmail.cgi for feedback scripts, etc IS NO LONGER ALLOWED. » [refer to « formmail troll »: thread]

Moving from MT to WP

* « Why »:
* « How »: (On « »:
* « What Matt thinks »: « of it »:
* « With a little help… »:, or « some more »: [edited 23 Oct 04: serait le site du blog de l’histoire de la rédaction d’un livre sur les blog (vu à la FNAC)].