« Ryan, or rboren, is probably the most elusive of the [WordPress] devs. His blog is a simple grey and brown affair with none of the bells and whistles that a wordpress blog can have. That it has comments disabled shows a little of how reserved he is. You will not find a link to his blog in a default WordPress blog’s index.php page, and it is quite possible that a lot of the users do not realize how prolific he is as a WordPress developer. [« x »:http://wordlog.com/archives/2004/09/12/about-ryan/]
Just right! Check « here »:http://boren.nu/archives/2004/09/11/september-11th/ :  » [9/11] wasn’t the first strike by racist, chauvinist, intolerant fascists intent on destroying liberal society. Nor was it the last. They will keep trying, and we must stop them.
This is a war.«