Scan to file

Jason Hunter: « [I]n 2002 I bought a document scanner, and it’s forever changed the way I manage paper assets. Every tax deductible receipt, every contract I’ve signed, every loan agreement, and basically every important document in my life has been scanned and stored as a multi-page TIFF file under my Perforce repository. A digital library of scanned documents makes everything immediately available, even when I’m on the road, with no cabinet required–all for the price of maybe 15 minutes a week scanning. I put documents to scan on top of the scanner itself and work through them when it’s late, I don’t feel like working, and I don’t feel like vegging. It’s fun the same way ripping CDs is fun: a mindless accomplishment. After scanning, the documents get piled unceremoniously into an 8.5"x11" box (just like before but this time without any guilt!). Each box represents one calendar year. I find the 10 ream printer paper boxes work marvelously. The papers need no extra organization in the real world because they’re organized online. I keep the paper copies in case of audit, at which point I’ll have the motivation to pore through the stack looking for the physical document that matches the digital file. » [x]