Strange behavior

On some sites, Firebird behaves strangely. I do believe this is related to the pages themselves, and to the way Firebird (and some extensions) interprete some pretty hacks.

For instance, when I browse on « Simon Willison’s homepage »:, a clic on the middle mouse button produces the same effect regardless of the pointer position: It activates « Autoscroll »: even if pointing at a URL, where it should (well it does on a lot of other sites, and it is the way I want it to behave) open the URL in another tab.
« Firebird Help »: on « mouse shortcuts »: says: « Open in Background Tab : Middle-click ».

You know what? RTFM! (wich does not solves the above, but highlights some unknown – to me – Tabbrowser Extensions features)

Shimoda Hiroshi (« outsider reflex »:, author of « Tabbrowser Extensions »: (aka « Tabbed Browsing Extensions ») wrote on his « Tabbrowser extension homepage »: :

« You can undo Close Tab until fifty times ago. You can re-open the closed tab by Shift+Ctrl+Z or Alt+Z.
* You can save the current tab session and load it with ease. Operations are called from the new submenu Load Tab Session in Go menu. And, keyboard shortcuts are available: Shift+Ctrl+T to save the current session, Alt+L to show Load Tab Session menu directly.
* You can reopen all of closed tabs with ease. Operations are called from the new submenu Recent Closed Tabs in Go menu. And, a keyboard shortcut is available: Alt+R to show Recent Closed Tabs menu directly.
* You can open last visited tabs insetad of last visited page when Navigator starts up. And, this can restore tabs at the next startup of crash.
* You can open tabs instead of windows opened by links or JavaScript.
* You can set to the location bar, bookmarks, links and external applications to open tabs instead of windows automatically. And, you can open any link to other site in new tab.
* Browser can open new tab with a copied URL (in the clipboard) automatically. »