A Humane Web Text Generator

Fead up with always having to refer to an old cheatcard, I post the cheatcodes !

What Textile Does:

  • Replace single and double primes (' and ") used as quotation marks with HTML entities for opening and closing quotation marks ( » and «  ») in readable text, while leaving untouched the primes required within HTML tags.
  • Replace double hyphens (–) with an em-dash (-) entity.
  • Replace single hyphens surrounded by spaces with an en-dash (-) entity.
  • Replace triplets of periods (…) with an ellipsis (…) entity.
  • Convert many nonstandard characters (ŸúߊπŒ) to browser-safe entities corresponding to keyboard input.
  • Apply block- and phrase-level structural tags automatically and at the discretion of the writer via quick tags.

    Quick block modifiers:

    Header: hn.
    Blockquote: bq.
    Footnote: fnn.
    Numeric list: #
    Bulleted list: *

    Quick phrase modifiers:

    -deleted text-
    +inserted text+

    To align blocks:

    < right > left
    = center
    <> justify

    To reference a footnote:

  • Allow the quick creation of simple and complex tables

    To insert a table:

  • Allow the simple application of style, class, id, language and alignment attributes to elements


  • Create hyperlinks and insert images via quick tags

    To insert a link:
    « linktext »:url

    To insert an image:

  • Define acronyms via quick tags

    ABC(Always Be Closing)

  • Wrap an tag around runs of three or more capital letters automatically.
  • Convert (TM), (R), and (C) to ™, (r), and (c).
  • Convert the letter x to a dimension sign: 2×4 to 2×4 and 8 x 10 to 8×10.