Tweak Firefox

After upgrading to Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn, I needed a clean Firefox. Firefox is my most-used program, and I use it since the very beginning (that is since I quit using some obscure -and since discontinued- program I had found to replace IE 5, and moved to the new ‘unbloated/browser only’ part of the mozilla suite, then called phoenix ). I use many extensions, tweaked the user.prefs and so on, but I needed a clean base so:

  • I use Fx, upgraded from as I switched to Feisty. YMMMV
  • less and less Fx extensions are producing memory leaks. But check in any case.
  • I started Fx in safe mode and disabled extensions / add-ons (first tick), then reinstalled the following extensions:
    1. All-in-One sidebar 0.7.1 (0.7.2b2 is available)
    2. custom buttons (because I use URL-Tools 0.4)
    3. Show Anchors 1.51
    4. looked at but did not install (yet!) Copy Plain Text 0.3.3 (Jeremy Gillick created so many cool extensions)
    5. 1.2 to have a « bookmark this » button (NOT the *new* firefox bookmarks extension 1.5.29, which messes all Fx bookmarks)
    6. DownThemAll
    7. PDF Download 0.8
    8. Sage 1.3.10
    9. ScribeFire (ex- PFF)
    10. StumbleUpon 3.05
    11. OpenSearchFox to easily add sites to Firefox Search Box
  • tweaked Fx according to Zolved (suggested by Lifehacker):
      in about:config,

    1. I checked that browser.cache.memory.enable was set to true
    2. I created an integer browser.cache.memory.capacity with a value of 12228 (guess my RAM ?)
    3. I created a boolean config.trim_on_minimize and set it to true
  • I also used those tricks collected by Gina Trapani:
    1. set browser.tabs.closeButtons to 2 (no more close buttons: I use middle-click)
    2. set to false (no more chrome tooltips)
    3. set browser.urlbar.hideGoButtonto true to turn off the rarely-used Go button at the end of the address bar

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