Cody J. Crone, a.k.a. « Wranglerstar » (old FBprevious blog) is a modern homesteader and Youtube producer, from somewhere in North-West USA. One of those hard-working, God-fearing Americans who don’t rely on the State to protect their loved ones. A guy who would get a Hitachi EX 120 for his birthday. And before you ask, yes, he carries a weapon at all times. I find him (and his small familly of Ms. Wranglersar & Jack) far less obsessed with safety devices (« the Nanny State ») and hard-core survivalism than many. An he’s the only on I know to make AR-15 accessories out of second-hand car parts. Back in 2011 he was building a forest retreat for which he built a timber frame cabin out of treesharvested on his own land, for which he built saw ponies. Cabin got stolen (!), and Cody but seems to have backed up (or became more discreete) from that project. He claims loud not to be an expert, and to re-discover ‘old ways’. Not everybody agrees with his ways but his video are motivational.

Cody has a hands-on approach to foresting, resilience, farmtips, ram pump, beehive, gardening,… And tools. He occasionally makes his own:

Check his other own-made tools: a rake (1, 2) and a bark spud (1, 2). « Is it perfect? No. But neither am I, so we make a good pair ». This, is modern homesteading. « Righty tighty lefty loose »! [x] « There is no such thing as a cheap bulldozer » [x]

Rotate and EXIF

…digital cameras have included a device that tracks the orientation of the camera and puts that information into the image file’s metadata. Applications that display images read that information and present the image rotated accordingly. The orientation information is expressed as an integer and written to a specific field in the EXIF metadata for the image. (…) Unfortunately, I happen to take a lot of photographs looking down, with the camera’s image sensor in a nearly horizontal plane. In this position, the orientation device–which presumably uses gravity to figure out which way is up–doesn’t have much to go on, and the value of the Orientation field is kind of a crapshoot. I think it reports the orientation the camera was in just before I pointed it down to take the picture. And that could be any orientation, because I never think about how I’m holding the camera before I’m ready to shoot.

Derotating JPEGs with exiftool by Dr. Drang