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Her Jewish State

a July 8, 2007 NYT article by Roger Cohen about Tzipi Livni, Israeli foreign minister, first read in the IHT. contains some good incerpts on Israel/Palestine politics.

« There were three ideological goals (…): Greater Israel, a Jewish state and democracy, says Arye Naor, (…) you could have any two of them, but adding a third condemned the enterprise. »

« One odd thing about the Middle Eastern impasse is that a clear majority of people on both sides agree more or less on the outcome: two states, Israel and Palestine, divided along the 1967 borders adjusted to conform with agreed territorial swaps; an inventive deal on Jerusalem allowing both sides their measure of the sacred; massive compensation for Palestinian refugees not wishing to return to nascent Palestine; and perhaps a stabilizing role for a third-party force »

[edit 0707241130] The NYT article is longer than the IHT one. However, it is only the parts outlining the character of Ms Livni who have been edited. The arguments around the Palestine/Israel standoff (in the light of the recent Hamas coup in Gaza strip) are valid in both editions. I wonder why IHT states premium content for this article freely available on NYT’s ? (NYT is the parent company for IHT, which is targeted at expats and edited in Paris, France)
[edit 0707241546] The IHT article is free to read online, and is not premium content. Just a bit difficult to find (a hiccup btw NYT and IHT databases…)
[edit 0707241609] Guardian Dilip Hiro also noted Arye Naor’s comment (reproduced above)