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The dream is not to become upper-middle-class, with its different food, family, and friendship patterns; the dream is to live in your own class milieu, where you feel comfortable — just with more money.

  • Understand That Working Class Means Middle Class, Not Poor
  • Understand Working-Class Resentment of the Poor
  • Understand How Class Divisions Have Translated into Geography
  • If You Want to Connect with White Working-Class Voters, Place Economics at the Center
  • Avoid the Temptation to Write Off Blue-Collar Resentment as Racism

What So Many People Don’t Get About the U.S. Working Class, Joan C. Williams, Harvard Business Review, Nov 2016.

(via Dave Pell: What the Hell Just Happened?)

Update: Read also Mike Konczal, Learning From Trump in Retrospect

Stores à lamelles

JP Suzzarini: Les stores extérieurs à lamelles dont parle Kamasoutra sont à l’heure d’aujourd’hui une des meilleures solutions sur le marché. Tous nos voisins les utilisent à grande échelle. [x]