jpeg to pdf

By inadvertance I used ‘save’ instead of ‘multipage’ in Xsane. So I have now 15 jpeg, one for each page, when I wanted one single .pdf file (to upload to Scribd).
Dont worry, Google is your friend: to create a PDF document using all the jpg files in the current directory with imagemagick, use:
convert *jpg allinone.pdf[Thanks, via linuxuser32]

Last night a distro saved my life…

This is how you find out how the open-source economic system works.
My ubuntu 6.10 ‘Edgy Eft’ stalled. I suspected a Firefox memory leak, not a good guess as I had recently upgraded to (and recovered the fox logo, thanks to the mozilla foundation). A quick Google told me that this was not the case, but I suffered from the « upgrade to edgy and hibernate swap uuid problem ». A quick nano /fstab to recover my swap uuid, copy/paste in /etc/instramfs-tools/conf.d/resume, followed by update-inistramfs -u -k $(uname -r) did the trick (well, it’s all described in French ubuntu wiki).
Alas, poor Yorik, my machine refused to restart on reboot.
NO sweat, I rebooted, fschk kicked in, solved a few (!) issues… and made my day !


  1. Imagine THAT with another OS…
  2. When they say that some distros are for geek only, it is true. I am lucky to have installed a flavor with plenty of autodetect fs checks at bootup AND a huge userbase which contributes to many forums & howtos
  3. I use Ubuntu since 5.04, after some tries at Knoppix, Easylinux and Debian (yes, in that order). I never gave a dime to anybody (well, free as in beer also…). Because I didn’t feel why I should. This is probably a cultural issue with us multicultural expats, never at ease in our country (another story…). Now I know why I will donate. Donate few, donate often, donate to many. To wikipedia, to ubuntu, to EFF, to whoever gives to the community without expecting the community to give back, but who still has a life to live, kids to feed, house to pay…

CSS techniques

Pre-Wordpress era CSS techniques papers were lying around in my office. Turned out they were printouts of old (?!) webpages dating back to when I had more easily access to a printer than to Internet. I shredded them yesterday, but here’s the list:

Publié dans CSS

Firewall BKAC

(between keyboard & chair)
Entendu sur BFM ce matin (reprise de thèses écrites ailleurs) : Anne Dorange, médiatique directrice générale de Surf Control : La protection anti-virus passe par une éducation des usagers (dans l’entreprise), crénau sur lequel sa société se positionne. A fait un parallèle avec code de la route : « il ne suffit pas de conduire pour prendre le volant »; « il y a 40 ans on laissait un enfant seul traverser la route, aujourd’hui il faut l’éduquer et surveiller ».

How’d I Get Here (Firefox extension)

How’d I Get Here (high)? is a Firefox extension that allows you to go to the page on which you first clicked a link to the current page. say, for example, you want to go « back » even after opening a link in a new tab and closing the original tab, or you want to remember how you found a site you bookmarked yesterday, or better if you are sent a link you have already seen, you can astound the sender by responding with a statement more precise than « I saw that on some blog a few days ago ».